Free eBook survey: What would you like me to write for you?

As you may already know, I am offering tutoring and programming on the Internet. You may have seen some of my work already on my blog, on youTube or on WizIQ’s virtual classroom. Here are some examples that I have already published:

Free eBook: Introduction to PHP
Free Video: Blender – first Steps
Free Video: Gimp – first Steps
Free Video: Become a Webmaster using
Free Live Class: Google Calendar Demystified
Free Live Class: The Firefox Web Browser: Useful Add-Ons

Now I’m planning on writing a new eBook that I want to offer for free but I need your help with this because I want to make sure it’s something that people really need and appreciate. I have prepared a simple survey that you can fill out, so that I get an Idea what’s the most required topic for such an eBook. If several people request the same or a similar topic, I will prepare a tutorial eBook that you will be able to download for free.

Edit: Thanks for all who did participate in the survey. Please check out this blog post for a follow-up.

Edit: This attempt has failed so far. Thanks for all who responded to the first survey, unfortunately it did not work for the follow-up. Maybe I did something wrong. Still not sure what it was. See this updated post for more information.